Peugeot 205 GTi by Bratsos Team

The car we wanted from children to race. A project that started in 2018 and came out on tracks and mountains in 2019 after a very detailed work in all areas.

The car arrived at the garage without any races. Our team wanted to do some improvements and we decided to start a rebuild.

Everything were removed but the external look of the car.

We cleaned the engine bay, painted and put everything back in order to have easily access to essential parts of the engine easily.

All the wiring is remade to support exactly the needs of the car.

We cleaned all the car's interior. We redesigned the dashboard and put the wiring to accessible positions. We put new seat bases and hydraulic handbrake.

Peugeot 205 GTi rallycar - Specifications


  • 1600cc 16V TU5JP4
  • ECU DTA S60
  • Jenvey kit
  • 347cc 15.9 Ωhm,
  • Pistons 79cm, μπιέλες HKS και ARP screws
  • Lightweight flyer
  • Engine compression 12/8
  • Mechanical propellants
  • Improved camshafts
  • Oil 20w 60


  • MA 5 gears with BACCI 13-59
  • Differential 35 - 40

Front system

  • Custom Wishbones with uniball


  • Bilstein with top-mount


  • Brembo four-piston calipers front and factory GTI rear
  • 288cm disc
  • CL Brakes pads
  • Air-type tubes
  • Racing brake pump
  • Hydraulic handbrake

Rear Axle

  • Rear Axle from Peugeot 205 GTi with 21cm roll-bar

Exhaust System

  • Factory with 60cm exhaust


  • Rims 15x7
  • Tyre size 190x58x15


Peugeot 205 GTi rallycar - Car equipment


  • Sparco


  • Sabelt Taurus


  • Sabelt CCS622SRUN

Driver/Co-driver Equipment

  • Sabelt
  • Stilo DES WRC
  • Simpson Hans III
  • Rosso IC-200