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Sabelt Taurus | Unboxing

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The seat will protect you at any circumstances.

After presenting our helemet, our unboxing series presets seats. Sabelt Taurus is a racing seat that combines the perfect driving position and the excellent protection in case of accident.

To begin with, there are 2 types of racing seats, those with head protection the those with no head protection. One more category is the seats made of tubes or fiberglass. Last but not least, there are racing seats with FIA homologation and those with no FIA homologation used in everydat driving and track days.

Sabelt Taurus Fiberglass - Sabelt Racer Duo Tubular

On the left a fiberglass seat - On the right a tube seat

Similar to the helmet and other parts of the racing equipment, FIA homologation approves their usage in racing and their protection in any circumstances. Racing seat's homologation expires in 5 years after the year of construction.

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The naming 'bucket' is not random for the racing seats. Those seats hold and protect the driver's body in case of an accident. There are different sizes among manufacturers S-M-L so before purchasing a racing seat be sure to check the online measures. There are also many accessories for racng seats.

Sabelt Taurus - Sabelt Racer

Seat belts fit on the racing seats. It's very important to buy a racing seat that fit the amount of seat belts which are from 4 - 5 point.

Last but not least you have to buy seat frames with extra cost. There are many seat frames (aluminium, iron and more), which fit with every racing seat.